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CFTC Summer Internship Program 

10-28th July 2023

Three-weeks working on a project with a Researcher as a Supervisor, along with other workshops and activities

Open to BSc or MSc students in Physics, Engineering Physics, Biomedical Engineering or other related fields

About Us

The Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics (CFTC) is a research unit located at the Faculty of Science of ULisboa, which assumes a leading position nationally and is internationally recognized in the areas of Condensed Matter Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics, with complementary expertise in the classification of symmetries in static and dynamic field theory.

We develop three areas of research: collective properties, in particular the dynamics of soft matter in non-equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium conditions; nonlinear waves in non-Hermitic optics, quantum gases and micro-cavities; and extensions of the Standard Model.

Project Topics


Particle Physics


Soft Matter and Complex Systems

Nonlinear Dynamics and Waves

“The internship allowed me the freedom to study different systems and simulations with various applications, as well as the experience of being in contact with researchers.”

Margarida Rodrigues, Initiation Fellowship Student at CFTC

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Contact Us

R. Ernesto de Vasconcelos C8, 1749-016 Lisboa

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