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#5 How do tissues heal?

Rafael Almada


#5 How do tissues heal?

Shapes show up everywhere in nature, in honeycombs, in crystals, in bubbles and foam. It's one thing when shapes show up in our math problems, but it's weird that they show up like that in nature. Isn't it strange how this chaotic environment sometimes recovers a bit of regularity that despite being natural somehow feels unnatural? Why do they have that shape and not others? Physics and maths have been able to answer those questions.

We are also like that, with shapes appearing everywhere at every size, whether you are looking at the whole body, or at the smallest size, like DNA. We are working somewhere around the middle, trying to figure out how cells get their shape when they get together and make tissues and what happens when tissues get cut or damaged. Understanding how tissues heal is very important for new treatments that may appear in the future, and it may help you to grow whole new organs.

There are several ways in which you can contribute to the project, so if you are interested in tissues, and specially fascinated by shape, feel free to join us.

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